Mar 09

New Honda Civic 2019 – equipment

Safety: front, side and curtain airbags (six airbags), stability control, traction control, ramp start assistant, ABS brakes with EBD, emergency braking assistant, headrest and three-point belt for the five occupants, Isofix for fastening of seats in the back seat, rear camera with three modes of vision, reminder of bending of the front belts, among others. Comfort and technology: electronic parking brake, power locks, electric windows with automatic one-touch raise function, autopilot, multifunctional leather steering wheel with height and depth adjustment, rear seat with central armrest and holder, door front-seat mirrors, bottom center console LED light, digital automatic air conditioning, split rear folding seat, leather shift lever, multimedia system with seven-inch touch screen, Bluetooth, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay , sound system with four speakers and 160 watts, among others.

Visual: LED daytime running lights, fog lights, switchblade key with opening and closing control of the doors and closing of the windows, external mirrors in color Crystal Black, front grille in Dark color, LED board light, taillights in LED, among others.

Honda Civic EX 2.0 2019

Comfort and technology: Leather seat trim, volume control of the sound system by speed, mirror on the lights with lights, headlights with automatic ignition and glove compartment with lighting.

Comfort and technology: front and rear parking sensors, automatic two-zone digital air conditioning, sound system with four additional tweeters, multimedia center with seven-inch multi-touchscreen, GPS navigator with traffic conditions, WiFi connection and function Turn-by-turn (voice-aided navigation) and instrument panel with 7-inch high-resolution TFT display.

Honda Civic Touring 1.5 Turbo 2019

It differs, above all, by the 1.5 Turbo engine of 173 hp. Also offers:

Safety: Honda LaneWatch system (blind spot reduction assistant) and fog lights with LED lamp.

Comfort and technology: rain sensor, remote control key, opening the trunk, opening and closing the windows and sunroof, remote engine start and unlocking of the doors by approach sensor, engine start by button, windshield with acoustic treatment for sound comfort, internal electrochromic rearview mirror, driver’s seat with electric adjustment in eight positions and also car covers from safety and protection. ,

Honda Civic 2019 – engine

The Honda Civic 2019 continues to use the older generation i-VTEC FlexOne 2.0 engine in almost all its versions except Touring. It is a reliable propeller that has i-VTEC technology with single valve control, but with electronic variation that allows opening and closing valves according to the rotation, being 8 working low and 16 in high rotation, ensuring good torque in reduced turns and high performance in more demanding driving. It delivers 150 hp with gasoline and 155 hp with ethanol, both at 6,300 rpm. Already the torque is 19.3 kgfm at 4,800 rpm and 19.5 kgfm in the same rotation, respectively with gasoline and ethanol. With it, the New Civic 2019 makes 0 to 100 km / h in 10.0 seconds in the manual version of six gears or 10.9 seconds with CVT exchange.

The maximums are 200 km / h and 195 km / h, respectively. The sedan with manual transmission makes 7.1 km / liter with ethanol and 10.2 km / liter with gasoline in the city, as well as 9.3 km / liter with ethanol and 13.4 km / liter with gasoline on the road. If the exchange is the CVT, the numbers become 7.2 km / liter with ethanol and 10.6 km / liter with gasoline in the urban cycle and between 8.9 km / liter with ethanol and 12.9 km / liter with gasoline on highway. Only the Touring version of the 2019 Honda Civic has the new i-VTEC Turbo Earth Dream engine of 173 hp and 22.4 kgfm. This one-and-a-half-liter propeller has variable valve technology as well as turbocharger and direct fuel injection, using only gasoline. It only uses CVT transmission in Brazil and delivers 173 hp at 5,500 rpm with 22.4 kgfm at 1,700 rpm. This driving set gives the sedan top of the line acceleration of immobility up to 100 km / h in 7.6 seconds with a final speed of 220 km / h. Even so, the Civic Touring 2019 makes 12.0 km / liter with gasoline in urban use and 14.6 km / liter with gasoline in the road cycle.

New Honda Civic 2019 – performance

Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h and maximum final speed

New Civic 2.0 MT – 10.0 seconds and 200 km / h

New Civic 2.0 CVT – 10.9 seconds and 195 km / h

New Civic 1.5 Turbo CVT – 7.6 seconds and 220 km / h

The New Civic 2019 has a good performance in 2.0 and an excellent driving in the 1.5 Turbo. Honda’s mid-range sedan in its tenth generation is a very well-balanced car, offering good drivability thanks to the chassis, steering, suspension and brakes assembly, giving the driver an enormous facility to bypass low or high speed curves, even tightly closed. The dynamic behavior is independent of the engine used, so it is a great DNA of this Honda. The Sport version is the only one with manual gearbox option, which has six gears. With short and raised lever, the driver has to support the arm on the central console – where there is of course a backrest – giving a very sporty footprint, as the name suggests. The 2.0 engine has a good layout and swivels quickly, cruising at around 2,800 rpm. The short couplings are soft and precise, giving a glimpse of what will be the New Civic Si in Brazil, which has a 1.5 Turbo engine with 207 hp. In the CVT version, the Honda Civic 2.0 2019 behaves more comfortably with a linear velocity transition. Nor does he owe it to performance, having good outputs and resumes suitable for the proposal.

New Civic 2019 – maintenance and overhaul

The Civic 2019 does not have a review price list released by Honda, which is very damaging to the brand image to consumers, after all, even consumers of mid-size sedans nowadays also care about the cost of maintenance, but that their budgets. The maintenance of the sedan is done every 10,000 km, and the owner must strictly follow these intervals, as in other models of the brand. Various parts and fluids provided in the services are specified in the owner’s manual. Note to see if the item that needs to be exchanged in a certain period will be replaced before. Some dealers anticipate some services, and the items exchanged can be replaced according to the manual. Reviews include lubricating oil, crankcase alley, brake fluid, fuel filter, air filter, spark plugs, V-belts and occasionally cooling fluid, noting that Honda cars do not have an open lubrication system, which requires supplementation of water after the lower level. The CVT transmission box fluid also needs to be completed at certain times but never fully replaced. Take advantage of a recall as the chassis enters the list and the dealer will have to perform it during the review of the Civic 2019. The Honda dealerships have a detailed record of the services and vehicles, whose owners can consult previously performed services. Generally, oil change and oil filter services are cheaper in the network than in the outsourced workshops, and are also guaranteed and in the correct specification. The lubricating oil used by all Honda cars , including the Civic 2019, is the synthetic 0W20, which replaced the old 10W30 mineral.

Honda WRV 2018: Prices, Photos and Versions

The Honda automaker will very soon launch its newest model in the domestic auto market. We are talking about the  Honda WRV 2018 , considered the smallest crossover  of the brand in Brazil. Despite the great similarity in the name with the Honda HR-V, the vehicle is based on another car from the automaker, the Honda FIT. Curious about the  Honda WRV 2018 ? Follow us! The Japanese factory bets on an “Unprecedented combination of versatility and space utilization in a compact SUV body”. Check out this article for all information on possible prices, photos and versions of the Honda WRV 2018 .

New Honda WRV 2018

Despite the various speculations surrounding the  Honda WRV 2018 , we have been able to unite truthful information to satisfy the curiosity of car lovers. One of the main information is the changes already confirmed by Honda, which aims to leave the model with a robust air, differentiated its external part with that of the model FIT. But in its internal or mechanical part there will not be many, according to Honda, the car will continue to be manufactured on the same platform of the FIT, because this initiative has worked very well with the model and very pleased consumers.

Meet the  Design and New Honda WRV 2018 Series

“Our research showed the need for an even more compact product. This allowed us to create the WR-V ” Quoted project leader Luis Marcelo Kuramoto.The  Honda WRV 2018  introduces 17-inch alloy wheels, which leave the car taller giving a feeling of greater strength to the vehicle. Already in its rear, the vehicle brings a greater suitcase, when compared to the model FIT, allowing to accommodate more objects. The  Honda WRV 2018 is equipped with a 1.5 hp 116 bhp and 15.6 kgfm torque engine and a CVT automatic transmission, the same as the one featured in the FIT model.

Average consumption of the new Honda WRV 2018

According to the information disclosed so far, the vehicle will feature the 1.5 horsepower of 116 horses, so its performance will be similar to the Honda FIT. Thus, with ethanol when it is run in the city, consumption is 8.3 km / l. Already on the road consumption can reach up to 9.5 km / l.

Prices and Versions of the New Honda WRV

As for its value, the speculations are numerous. The  Honda WRV 2018 will reach the Brazilian dealerships costing around  R $ 60 thousand in its manual DX version, already in the top line version, the price could reach  R $ 75 thousand, if the exchange is CVT.

Chevrolet Blazer 2019: New Generation, Prices, Data Sheet, Engine

After so many months of waiting, at last, the American automaker announced the launch of the new Chevrolet Blazer 2019. The new project, well praised by experts in the subject, was developed to reach the international market already in the first half of the year and to check all the details of the  2019 Chevrolet Blazer, see the article below!